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2nd Tier Mississippi Recruiting is a uniquely designed high school football recruiting platform. Our model is to help many of the players kids that may not have a 4 or 5 Star in front of their name, but that are extremely talented and have a lot to offer college programs.

It is also designed to help players be evaluated are talked about that are in rural areas of Mississippi and schools that have smaller programs. 2nd Tier MS Recruiting allow players from grades 9-12 from the more than 500 Mississippi public and private schools to upload their highlights for free once approved by our moderation. 2nd Tire MS Recruiting also does not charge colleges, coaches or scouts for access to these players. Funds for this website and our company work comes through sponsors and advertisers that are dedicated and care about this deep pool of talented football players.

2nd Tier MS Recruiting is a unique initiative in Mississippi. Join us, watch for and expect 2nd Tier MS Recruiting evaluators at your local games this fall, and get engaged in the process!

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